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In popular science readings one often finds "simple" explanations of very deep, advanced physics topics which seem to stand far from daily experience (e.g. quantum physics, or general relativity). In contrast to this popular approach, this website (which could be called a 'plog', a physics blog) aims to provide advanced and detailed treatments of "simple" phenomena one can reproduce with common kitchen tools.

I want to stimulate you (and myself) to stop now and then, and to look at the world we take for granted with an open mind. The fact that you see something every day, does not make it less special or beautiful. What would have come of general relativity if Newton would not have payed attention to a falling apple, or of quantum physics if Einstein did not wonder why the sky is blue?

About me

My name is Sander Wildeman. I love physics and I want to tell people about it all the time. However, most of the times I find it quite impossible to really convey some of the ideas from this beautiful area to friends and family (especially at birthday parties). That's why I often try to invent interesting and exciting demonstrations with "tools" everyone has at home (and have tons of fun in doing so).

For me, this website is a way of keeping track of some of the neatest tricks Nature and I have up our sleeve. And the good thing about physics tricks (as opposed to magic tricks) is that they become more impressive once you know how they are done.


It might be hard to digest some of the explanations on this website without a proper training in mathematics and some basic understanding of physics (and I don't intend to make it easy to digest), but at least you can learn some neat new tricks to show your friends in the pub.


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